Monday, November 23, 2015

Welcome to the blog I helped support and promote.

Welcome to the blog.

Leena Ranta my dear friend bellow who I met at the Finnish Lutheran church back in 2013 (she worked there as a Lutheran priest) when I was basically homeless and down and out has been promoting this special blog all over the internet since 2013, she has worked tirelessly to share the love and hope. The Lutheran church has awesome employees like Leena that help with the homeless and needy such as myself.

   Welcome to the blog I am promoting Leena Ranta
To this day I support and send out these very important issues on social media,
Best wishes Leena Ranta ex Lutheran church priest from Samson. 

Message from Samson. I firstly and without further delay want to thank all my supporters with love and kindness and since this special contributor and promoter of this blog worked tirelessly and wanted so much to be a part of this project. I will gladly and joyously give her the proper FULL credit that she deserves.

Soon without further delay, I will introduce this loving person in an amazing story and dedication to me and her support. With love and kindness. Dear friend, since you so wanted to part of this project for so long and dedicated yourself to the promotion of this project, I will gladly give you the credit that you so rightfully deserve and for so long I have neglected to share your story and show the world the kindness of your warm smile with full dedication.

Full story to continue some time in the near future.. More pics and stories of this effortless, tireless and loving-kindness, as well as the people that made this happen, should be shared with the world. See folks there are good people left in the world, all you need is faith.

And those people within this blog that made me homeless threatened to murder me, robbed me and left me for dead, also will soon know the people who helped make this blog possible by their tireless promotion and support.

Dear kind friend, since you wanted to be part of this project for so long now with your promoting it, I will give you the respect and kindness and credit that you so rightfully deserve. The world needs to see and know that good people like you exist. People like you who make the world a better place.

Dedicated post to the promoter of this blog Leena Ranta

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Intimacy should not be and is not a purely physical action, although it certainly has its rewards. My view of intimacy is the act of connection.

The intimate action with someone is a connection so deep that at times it seems you can see into their souls. Sex without intimacy the pure animalistic act leaves people with a temporary relief, but after the moment is over, the emptiness lingers.

Intimacy, the act of binding the giving of two people and having the reward of loyalty, intimacy, bonding. Intimacy, the loyal act of human bonding that brings the act of love making to its completion.

Sex, the temporary animalistic act that has no loyalty, no bonding and at times it's a fake trust that fades like a drunken stupor,

Intimacy, pure unadulterated loyalty and commitment to the moment with lasting benefits. Connective loving Intimacy has the long lasting soul binding act of loyal completion, the "we are one" movement with the benefit of an awesome sexual experience.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Nuff said

Sometimes when you have no words.. A picture says a thousand words!!!

Love life, embrace her, hold on to her, enjoy her, make love to her and hold nothing back, give her all you have!

We all go through hell in life, but good friends are hard to find, and the few friends you do happen to have, treasure them and value them.

The rest?  Well the picture says it all! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The gentlemen! Pick the lady NOT the ugly

From time immemorial we have seen that picking the right partner (in this case a woman) can not only be a health benefit, but also a foundation to a good mans success.

Picking the wrong woman? Well, you would have picked the "unclean woman" to be by your side for your life with a life long misery and regrets to follow.

I have found the best success a good man can have (or woman) is to pick the better flower and drop the dirty diaper!

A successful woman has a clean heart, a pure heart. The loving woman is not envious, not running to gossip, not hateful, not hurtful and not sinful.

A successful man picks a success oriented woman. The wrong woman has these dirty characteristics,, Gentleman stay away! You will be destined to be devoursed a few times over with this "every man's wrong choice". That's why these type of women are outcasts from a man's bed and life a few times over.

The dirty woman is:

Gossip spreader, spreads slander, whorish in spirit, hateful, envious, backstabber. this woman has many characteristics that are undesirable to men, so men typically cast them away. The smart man get rid of them in time, they unfriend them from their lives as I have done to some damn ugly bitches the last couple of years!

And last but not least her ugly nature makes her one ugly MOTHER..F--ker in the physical.

A good woman is someone whose love is patient, her love is kind, she does not envy, she does not brag, she is not proud. A clean woman is one who does not dishonour others, not vein and seeks only her way, not easily angered and does not keep a record of a person's errors.

A clean woman as opposed to an unclean woman does not delight in evil, she rejoices in happiness, she protects her lover, trusts, hopes and is strong in nature.

I for one am glad I got rid of these dirty people out of my life, and am happy with the clean spirited people I surround myself with.

Gentlemen! Those good and clean women are out there, but like gold they are not easily found, you must search. The trash? They are everywhere!

This also goes for the ladies, but since I am a man, I am speaking from a mans perspective! Gentlemen, a good woman deserves your respect! Treat her like a QUEEN! The rest? Dump them like a damn dirty shitty diaper they are...

Laura Jaatinen ?, Laura Jaatinen hrjavalta ?, Thö Jaatiset ?, ThöJaatiset ? 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Exactly the same in Finland

Saudi Arabia (FINLAND): The wife faces defamation charges over webcam evidence of husband sexually mistreating maid and cheating on his wife.

Saudi husband is caught groping and forcing himself on his maid after his suspicious wife set up a hidden camera… but now SHE faces going to jail

  • Saudi woman suspected her husband was cheating on her with the maid
  • She set up a hidden camera and filmed her spouse kissing a staff member
  • Video also appears to show the husband kissing maid against her will 
  • The wife may now face jail for defamation or a fine of £87,000
Read the whole story and watch a video of that piece of shit cheating and sexually harassing the maid. caught by a brave woman!!
Now to Finland 2013

Something in Finland. So when I read the story and watched the video I got a DEJAVU, but my DEJAVU was to Tampere Finland, and NOT Saudi Arabia.

                                             Copy from the internet not my original

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


My own goat was taken and she was cast off from azazel to the pits. 

The anniversary day (3 years to date) that my goat was sent to azazel with all her sins. And the start of new beginnings.

May you have a blessed year with the goat (sins) out of your life.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

You deserve the lover that you get!

Making the right choices is not so easy, but you also have to know when to reject the ones that are the most negative and mean hearted people you ever set your eyes on.

If you reject those ugly spirited people who could have been lovers, thank God that they have been thrown away like dirty trash. They would have made your life a living hell had you married them or chose them as your lover.

If they have been married before a few times (and they blame always their former spouses as being at fault) maybe their past history should have given you a clue.

Sometimes time will show you the REAL person who you thought was so nice, so kind or so amazing. Your choice of rejecting that ugly spirited disease of a human being was the best choice you ever made in your life.

Like many of you, we all feel bad when we have to walk down and take out the trash, but once the trash has been dumped? Ahhhhhh the sweet smell of strength is nice.

You will see a person's true character in time, and your choice to reject them may have saved your life. Never feel bad for throwing out the trash my friends.

You deserve the lover you get, so chose wisely!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Angel by my side

When you just had the first kiss (hope) from your angel who has always been by your side from the start of your hell. You forget everything!

I was in hell, you were there
I was alone, you were there
I was desperate to breathe, you again where there

You held me
You comforted me
You caressed my hair
You touched my lips... but never, and not a thought nor a hint.

All this time, and finally the poetry of poems

You leaned in
You looked deep into my heart
You took the chance, you gambled

BESHERT (destiny)...

The first kiss
The first hold
The first long sought after love
Not love I want to receive, but the love I want to give

Angel by my side
Love to me is not the act of receiving your love
Love to me, is if I can give you my love

What is true love, if you can't give it
What is true love, if you can't share it

Then, when I have given you all my love
I am ready to receive yours

But the first kiss from the angel by my side...

No words can describe the peace
No words can describe the hope

The kiss from the "angel by my side"...

One word


I saw God today, She smiled at me

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Angel by my side

Another one of those days. Thank you for being there once again. You always come through when I need you the most.

The Angel by my side.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mid Summer

My travel partner waits for the mid summer dinner and at the same time feeding the mosquitoes :-)

Mid summer (Valkeakoski) brings out amazing spirit and positive energy in people... Well, most people. It was nice to see my old friends, I love you guys!!!

Kindness from the inside shows the beauty on the outside! When you have an amazing beautiful spirit, it will reflect on your outer beauty.

Positive energy all around!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life is good, I must say indeed

                                        Sunny then the bloody rain! GRRRR

Life is great now days, thanks to all of you and your positive energy!

The road is long but never lonely, meeting great people on the road is an amazing thing. You never know who you meet and that's part of the adventure!

Such is the life when you hitchhike through life. Sunny and rainy days.
Like sunny and rainy people.... On the road you meet them both. A nice lady with 4 Siberian huskies picked me up, Kinda hippy chick from the old days (70ees) and she was awesome and nice...

Positive energy! All around!

Friday, June 12, 2015


Between every battle a man must take time out to live, to breath to plan and to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

And it shall be so

                            "I'm too blessed to be stressed"

                                                You got that right!

Two greatest warriors from the time of evolution and the big bang...

Time and patience

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday night at the movies

                                              Today is movie night! :-)

Take someone you love or someone who is your friend or loved one or both, and watch a good movie. It is awesome to share a Friday night movie with those special to  you!

Enjoy each others company! Life is short, it is great to share a movie with friend.

Tonight's movie will be "Kingsman"

Time thieves

Good saying!

God knows I wasted (thankfully) small time and not much time with NASTY Cows in my life lately.

When you start a war. A bit of current events.

When you start a war, violence is what eventually what you will get. No end in sight! Global events getting worse and worse... But such is human nature, conflict and loss.

When you start a war, what do you think the out come will be? What are the outcomes of all wars be it global macro or micro? You will have looser and winners.

What can we learn from the global conflict on a micro scale? You will have losers and you will have casualties of war.

A great saying from the movie 300 " you brought the war to my doorstep".
now if you bring a war to someones door step, why cry about the outcome? Which in the end will be violence.

All wars end one way. Winners, losers and the casualties of war. War pain is inevitable, maiming is inevitable and death is inevitable. War is about fighting till you win and when you go to war, you better be willing to lose it all to win and survive.

The global conflict against ISIL is a long one. And the psychology of the ISIL fighters are all or nothing mentality. Will NATO crush ISIL? Nope. Will EU and US crush ISIL? Nope.

The ideology of a group going to war with another group that declared war against them is fought to the death. And to the death the war will be fought. In the middle east case tribe versus tribe as is in Iraq.

EU is on the front doorsteps of a war. And the war will be bitter. In a micro model, this same war like ISIL, you must be willing to lose everything just to win such wars. Can EU win a war against an enemy that has nothing to lose? NO.

What lessons can we take away from this.  When a group starts a war (ISIL), they should be willing to lose and lose big. The ideology of the people we chose to be at at war with have nothing to lose, so one day we can lose everything..

WAR is hell and if you jump into a war, expect everything to be done to you... And I mean everything and anything (local terrorism, shooting, beheading as in UK). War is not about rules, it is about dominating and wining

War is about NO RULES! No one is safe all people will eventually be affected in a war. War is about winning and winning big.

NATO did not fair well in Libya (NATO), nor in Egyptian, nor Syria, nor Algeria etc etc. now the war is at the door step of EU (NATO)...

This global macro and micro wars will be a long one. Violence is the only solution when your fighting a war. No one likes violence, but when we need to defeat our enemies, violence will be the last resort we are left with.

If the enemy wants to make a war, give them the violence that they will never forget! That's the only way you can win a war. Strength of the big stick physical war is the last resort we have against the barbarians that start wars.

ISIL is on our door steps, how will we fight them? They want war? Give them the war they will never forget! And if you so chose to fight, be willing to die for your freedom doing so.

War is lifelong, as we have observed in global events and tribal scales. When you wage a war, you better be willing to live with it for the rest of your life. We should think twice when we start wars, cus our children will have to carry the outcome and the burdens of wars you chose to start.

We today still carry the scars of  violent wars started by our parents, now some as parents will leave the scars of  violent war we started on our children.

War is lifelong.... Barbarians start wars. The civilized finishes them, even when they have to resort to violent weapons of war to do it... V-DAY! Celebration :-)

At times watching the news sucks! hehehehe

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When the world needs heroes where are you?

With the world full of injustice, who are you ? The villain or the good guy?When the world is in need of heroes, WHERE ARE YOU?

Cowards  wind up spending their lives alone, either with people who can't hurt them, or with no one at all. So, you can always find a coward hiding behind those of us that fight for freedom. A few of us stand in front of freedom defending it.

Where are you?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Listen up women!

That's exactly right!

If you don't know what a good man needs and you have to ask. 

You are not a woman that a good man wants.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Always faithful

I am a man of failures, I am a man of winnings (at times). I may be a lot of things, but never unfaithful. Samson

Semper fidelis - Always faithful. 


Monday, April 13, 2015

Mortality and history

A question was asked at the doctors office by a nurse who reads my blog.

"With your illness your end come any time. What will happen to your chronicles blog?"  "Nurse"

These chronicles are the events in one person life. How I went through the crap in my life with good friends and those people in my life that abandoned me with betrayal. A story that could be found in most everyone life at one time or another.

If and when I die, be it next week, next month or however long. This blog will stay up and will continue to be supported by a few trusted friends that can log in and write the events of my departure from this life due to my illness Hope its not soon till I see justice served :-). (Joining my son in the after life is a dream I long waited for).

The blog will stay as a memory of survival. A man fight to over come homelessness in the middle of winter to a new start. A memory of those that did the evil deed for their own children and grand children to read later in life.

This is my own wikileaks...heheheheh

As the good book says "A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name. (And those that desecrated his name by their evil deeds) Malachi 3:16

This is my scroll of rememberance, my story. And when I die, it will stay up.
I own nothing, I have nothing. I just have my experiences.

Yes, the doctors said it's not getting better. But I am here, and as long as I am here I will appreciate life and friends as long as the good lord gives me time.

I am at peace and untill my day comes and my ticket is up. I will continue to fight for my justice that I have been stripped of.

I am at peace and I have only a few regrets in life. But all in all I tried my best to be a good man, and I failed miserably. but can't blame me for trying :-)


Big victory for truth

                               Victory celebration... 

                                   Court ruled! 

                                 Blog stays up! 

It was a long hard battle, but the truth stays up and adulterers and murder plotting man goes his way.

No truth was found in their story about their adultery and theft being false. they tried to beat me down, they tried to shut me up, they tried to murder me at night. they even or should ii say HE, managed to hire a person to try to character assassinate me, that did not work.

At times it felt like everything in HELL was thrown at me, and I am still standing! And I will fight now even harder for justice!

That's the truth and that's how it stays.

After a loooong hard battle and LOTS of lawyer fees and court costs (no on my side). I win this BIG victory... To me the is the biggest victory so far.

But in the end it cost them a fortune in legal fees they will most likely never get back.

This would have been simple, admit to family you got caught in adultery, confess apologize and that's it.. All done.

But Nooo, they took me before a court. And in the end after all this crying moaning and deceiving and LOADS of thousands of Euros out the window. I win, blog still up.

So those that stood by Launio,,, The shame is now also on you, your names are also public record for anyone to see. You see dear readers, when you support adulterers and murder plotting people, you will never walk away clean again. You will smell like crap.

Score one big point to the good guys!!!!!!!

I want to give a special thanks to that judge that saw past the written law and supported the spirit of my goal.. Thank you judge, you will be blessed!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Love is an amazing thing

Love is an amazing thing, everyone should experience it!

No matter how bad things get, being in LOVE is awesome. A double edge sword at times.

Being in love is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I in love? You bet your ass I am. Every day I wake up, I don't regret a single moment of it.

Why do the evil defend the evil

Justification of bad deeds needs to be cast out. Unclean pork needs to be gotten rid of.

One thing escapes me...

Why do adulterers defend adulterers?

Why does an adulterer who has not been caught tell another adulterer... " My actions were bad and evil" Stop your actions now, repent and do good, I learned my lesson don't do the evil I have done". But yet, justification and defense.

But instead, adulterers, whores and purely bad behaving people will go out of their way to defend other bad behaving people?

The good book is right when it says "The liars know their father".

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to do your fathers desires. he was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Basically what is being said by this teacher is.

I told you you were unkosher! Did I not see that from the start?

Your unkosher and you will always be unkosher. I saw it from the start and we all see it now. Your as unkosher as your father. The father of evil speech and lies.
Yohanan 8:44  i.e (You are as unkosher today as the day you were conceived).

The psychology of of protecting evil doers like adulterers is a typical and a norm of men or women that have the same whoring behavior within their lives.

Instead of saying,, that man did evil and he did not repent, they say, he did evil and he should NOT repent.. Why? cus their lives and inner guilt is a similar spirit.

The old saying goes, evil justifies evil. As in this case whoring person, justifies adulterers as good men. And this cycle goes around and around. No repentance just more whoredom and justification of bad behavior.

When a person defends and adulterer ask your self WHY? Why are they so energetically defending an adulterer and their actions?

Not an easy answer, it is the motive of the person that should be in question. And in this case a guilty feeling of their own bad behavior and therefore feel a certain friendship and kinship with this adulterer... Family knows family.

So the question is asked again. What is the real motive behind defending an adulterer? What is behind their words, what are they really trying to say?

Something to think about in this world of bad behavior... What is behind their bad behavior? Guilt?

Motive, motive and motive

Don't let your ears believe what your eyes did not see. Truth will simply be just that, TRUTH.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are you a shit mouth talking crap?

Are you the type of person that spreads rumors and talks shit?

Do you actually believe you will get away with it without some form of punishment coming back to you?

Well, if you don't get it in this life, which I am sure you will when you least expect it :-) years from now when you forget about the people you hurt on some boring Tuesday afternoon. You see, not all people will just sit back and let you get away with it. Your day will soon come, this karma will promise you.

You will get it in the next life... At times, you will get it in both

Watch your mouth!  It will come back to you with interest on the bill your due to one day pay. And the interest will be heavy.

Love and you will be loved back...Hurt someone and you will be hurt back.

Lesson in karma.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Doubt thou the stars are on fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt the truth be a liar
But never doubt I love.

 - William Shakespear

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eye for an eye, at tooth for a tooth

When you hurt someone, or try to hurt someone, or bad mouth someone that has done nothing to hurt you. You will soon live with this time lasting universal multicultural fact that says "And eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth".

If you willfully hurt someone that has done nothing to hurt you. Your supper of eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is about to be delivered. Can live with your choice? No? Then don't do it.

If you have done these evil and wrong choices.  Get ready to lose your eye and lose your tooth.

You see dear readers the history of human race through out time teaches, that when you hurt someone, don't cry when that same dish is about to be served to you.

You don't want to lose your eye? Don't knock another persons eye out.
You don't want to lose a tooth, then stop knocking other peoples teeth out.

Those of you that already knocked someones eye out, you will also have your eye knocked out soon enough. Those of you that already knocked someones tooth out, will soon have your tooth knocked out, again, soon enough.

An applicable saying that lives strong and powerfully throughout history "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". And if you hurt someone lately, fix it fast. Or an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth will become a reality in your life.

Be kind so kindness comes back to you. Be loving, so love comes back to you. Be gentle, so gentleness comforts you. Be generous so that generosity may come back to you.

Monday, March 23, 2015

If truth be told

And to thank them I one day will each and every one of them.

Face to face, they will hear my words... Thank you.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The winds of change

From the looks of things around the world...

Those who have nothing to lose seek justice through revenge.

Revenge, it touches the lives of everyone who cross its path and chose to get involved. Revenge is a culture of justice not gotten. Revenge it touches the lives of everyone that crosses its path.

Revenge, nowhere in the world is far enough.

The philosophy of revenge is. If you have more to lose then those who seek revenge, do not get involved.

Looking around the world today, REVENGE seems to be in the driving seat of a new world. :-(

Those that get involved with the forces that seek revenge, get caught up in the mess and revenge takes its anger on those involved. The world today is a world of revenge... No justice? No peace. Just pure unadulterated REVENGE.

Stay far from the path of those who are on a path of revenge and hope your paths never cross. Stay far far away from revenge seeking people, they will only bring long lasting tears into your life, tears that will have no end. Stay away!

Those that have revenge on their hearts are angry, very angry and if you chose to look into their dead eyes and be a part of their life in anyway, you will also wind up as a casualty of their war, a war that you chose to make your and the life of you loved ones part of. They will one day turn their revenge and anger on you. Stay away from them, don't get involved, involvement means your own risk. Stay far far away.

If you have a lot to lose, don't do it (look around you, what do you have to lose? Those on the road to revenge have nothing to lose (they look around themselves and have nothing and thus lose nothing, seeking death is their rest).

If you have more to lose, stay far away from those that don't. When those that seek to revenge, they will stop at nothing to take away from you and destroy those things that you hold dear in your life.

I pity those that cross paths of those who seek revenge. Revenge has 2 graves. One grave for the one who revenge will hurt, and one grave for the one seeking revenge. But there is a slight but very important difference. The one seeking revenge does not care about the grave that follows.

Interesting TV series, based on the psychology of revenge people.

Love one another and be kind, life is to short to always have to look behind your back.

Be at peace, life is sooo damn short.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Why is it always the old church whore who acts as the moralistic overseer?

Quote "to you"

I heard this one today and it reminded me of someone I used to know.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

On being good

"Being good means nothing, unless your willing to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. Until your willing to do what needs to be done, your no use to anyone."

Holocaust survivor

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lesson of Karma

A life lesson of Karma

It has long memory of the bad things you are doing to others
It comes as a surprise on some normal and slow afternoon
It will take its revenge on you be sure of this

It will touch everyone you love and hold dear
It will take away people you love and punish you for it
It will blind side you years down the road when all seems to be going great

Has agents and reapers in the universal justice
Is a self fulling prophesy
Has nothing to lose
You have a lot to lose (look around yourself)

The mother of all revenge, to come when you least expect it

To those of you that are still not convinced you will not escape karma, be sure of this and stay good. Karma is coming for you, be sure of this and the revenge it is planing for your life will be sweet and cold.

To those that are seeking to do evil, STOP!
To those that are doing evil, Karma revenge is already planned its case against you.
To those that think they escaped karma, well the silence and patience of karma is its strength, and its long memory will meat out her revenge.

Karma, the mother of all revenge stories, and it is coming for you, be sure of this.
Karma has no deadline, a life lesson you will soon learn in your self made stupidity which will lead to tears for you.

Be good, do no evil and no evil shall come upon you and your loved ones.

Good people have only good karma coming to them... Bad people? Well Karma says, I'll see you soon ;-)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

When this man loves a woman

When this man loves a woman, he can't think of anything else.

When this man loves this woman, I would trade the whole world for this thing I have found.

If she is bad for me, I can not see it. She can do nothing wrong.

When this man loves a woman, I will give her everything I have.

when this man loves this woman, I know she can bring me misery, if she plays me for a fool, I will be the last to see.

My loving eyes can't ever see.

When this man loves a woman, nothing else exists. And when this man loves this woman... You are my world to me.

Dedicated to you know who...

And to all those people who found love. Enjoy it, it will be an amazing ride!

This song is dedicated to you guys...

When a man loves a woman.
By Michael Bolton

Do not EVER abuse your loyal companions

The nature of a cat........ Patience, patience has a long memory.

A loving pet never forgets it's abusers. Do not abuse their love!

Because they have a long memory of your abuse, and you never know when it will come back to haunt you....

10 ways to prevent animal cruelty

Saturday, February 14, 2015

When life is like a bag of popcorn

When your life is like a bag of popcorn!? Like when it seems that life is popping drama left and right?

I call this a movie night with a friend!!!


Have a blessed weekend! I know I will... Good movies, popcorn and a BIG bottle of Pepsi!! And most importantly, great company!

Be at peace!

Dedicated to the "US" of the world

From me to you!

I enjoy your smile
I enjoy your kindness
I enjoy your good heart
I enjoy your kind word to everyone
I enjoy your kindness to people
I enjoy your kindness to animals
I enjoy your love of God
I enjoy your love of life

And most of all, I enjoy being with you!

Dedicated to all those that have best friends!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A reminder to the sheep

A reminder to never lose heart!

A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep!

Cus sheep are meant to be eaten!  YUMMMY!

You are a tiger!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

When your NOT important

When the monster under your bed has no life of its own...

When you are not important and no one cares :-)

It is a strange thing under the sun, that when someone is not important nor are they significant, they feed their own self importance by playing a victim role.
They resort to evil behavior...

By playing a victim role the monsters feel self important under the bed in the darkness. And thus gather other monsters around them that make their non relevant and meaningless life feel meaningful. That's why they are "under a bed". They are rejects and meaningless, and so...
They resort to evil behavior...

To those monsters we must learn to I say this.

1. Your not important part of a productive persons life.
2. Your a reject
3. Your ugly
4. Your evil
5. You have been rejected for something better and kinder, now live with it
6. Your a monster
Those are the things we must say to those monsters under our beds.

We say to the monster

The fact that the monsters whole life is taken up with us shows us that the monsters have a very pitiful and miserable life. Yes you, you know who you are.

I am talking to you...wink wink... You are the ugliness monster under our bed.
They resort to evil behavior...

We say to the monster

You are out of my life, so deal with it, your ugly soul, your mean spirit and your
F--ked up personality disgusts me. I rejected you, you ugly nasty monster. And now I am the center of your life cus you are under my bed???  hahahaha,
They resort to evil behavior...

Dear lord you are one pathetic monster under our beds.
YOU resort to evil behavior...

And thus we say to your pitiful meaningless life
"You are not important in my life, nor have you ever been! I am Glad I rejected you, seeing what a fu--ked up monster ugly thing you are."
You resort to evil behavior...

Monsters under our beds and how we sleep better knowing we rejected them. Yet, they can not sleep well knowing we sleep GREAT above them!!!
They resort to evil behavior...

Ahhh yes, the monster under my bed... The ugliness that is in hiding and a corps of rejection... Monster under my bed? You are one ugly disgusting thing and you disgust me YOU MONSTER!
They resort to evil behavior...

Poem of "rejecting the ugly things in your life" by Andrew Tectoniov
Student of poetry

"Every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown onto the fire."  Mat. 7:19  (Even monsters under our beds)

Do what is right

Says it all.

No justice, no peace.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Alma Manu, Alma Media take a lesson

Alma Manu - Alma Media! SHAME ON YOU!

Alma Manu and Alma Media should learn a lesson from this company that forcefully ejected employees for using their work place for sexual perversions.


Here is a lesson I hope you will learn from Re. Veli-Matti Launio and Laura Jaatinen ? (pohjavirta) Myllynen that were the drivers for ruining marriages and lives.

Workers busted in office sex romp

Laura Jaatinen ?, Laura Jaatinen hrjavalta ?, Thö Jaatiset ?, ThöJaatiset ? 

A cheeky pair of insurance workers are facing the axe after they were caught having a late-night sex romp in a Christchurch office.

The Marsh Ltd employees made the huge mistake of leaving the building lights on when they, quite literally, got down to business.

Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting couple, they had inadvertently put on some live entertainment for a bar full of patrons across the road who had taken up front row seats.

Many huddled around a window to watch the action, whilst others filmed and photographed the romantic liaison.

The steamy images and video have attracted hundreds of likes and shares on social media, but the company is less than impressed.

"It's not the type of behaviour we condone," Marsh Ltd executive Grant Milne told

He said the employees involved had been identified and an investigation was underway.

Several bar patrons said the band even stopped when all eyes turned to the late night show across the street.

"The whole pub knew about it and was watching while they were totally oblivious to it. Afterwards they celebrated with wine," one customer said.

The saucy escapade could cost the workers their jobs.

Source - Yahoonews


Now lets take a trip to Alma Manu office

                                             Copy from internet not my original
Laura Jaatinen ?, Laura Jaatinen hrjavalta ?, Thö Jaatiset ?, ThöJaatiset ? 
A reflection of Veli-Matti Launio taking pictures of a married woman can be seen in the window reflection, you can make out his image and his bad head and under holding up the camera... Leaked pics.

Alma Manu - Alma Media adultery at the office. Shame on Alma Manu for tolerating such low life behavior..


And to this day, Veli-Matti Launio has not been prosecuted! Even with recorded evidence!!!!

No justice, No peace! There will be justice this I can assure you... Justice has a long memory.

Laura Jaatinen ?, Laura Jaatinen harjavalta ?, Thö Jaatiset ?, ThöJaatiset ? 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year 2015

Happy new years to all my honorable readers. May this year be for you a year of honor and strength!

May you live you life with HONOUR
May you hold your head HIGH
And may your LOYALTY and TRUE FRIENDSHIP be your GLORY!

After all is said and done an HONORABLE persons name will go on for years to come.

And men of dishonor will go year to year in fear and shame.

"Love one another, just as I have loved you.."

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Seasons greetings!

Seasons greetings to my amazing readers and may you be blessed with peace this next year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

No cure for brokenhearted: Research finds time doesn’t heal heartbreak

Psychology research project. The science of the heart
A disturbing condition, known as the 'broken heart syndrome,' doesn’t necessarily heal with time, researchers at the University of Aberdeen have found. There is no treatment for the disorder, which was previously thought to recover in due course.

A team of researchers at Scotland's Aberdeen University has spent four years studying the syndrome, commonly referred to as a "broken heart," and medically known as Takotsubo stress cardiomyopathy (TSM). The result of their work turned out to be heartbreaking indeed: "There is no known treatment for the condition."

The syndrome, which was first described in Japan in 1990, is usually sparked by stress, following life events such as losses of family members or friends, involvement in an accident or rueful feelings caused by relationship break-ups - mostly affecting women.

Patients suffering from TSM might experience severe chest pains associated with a heart attack, medics say, but when their coronary arteries are checked, no blockage is found. But "patients can go downhill very quickly," scientists warn, as their heart muscle functions poorly.

"The usual test for heart function is an echocardiogram (Echo) test and when we conduct this it shows that the heart is back to normal... However, when talking to the patients they report that they are still not feeling themselves, cannot take part in strenuous activity and many have been unable to return to work," said Dana Dawson, who led the Aberdeen research team.

Having studied brokenhearted patients as a group rather than individual cases, and using more sophisticated diagnostic tools, including Cardiac Magnetic Resonance and Spectroscopy, scientists found continued abnormalities in the hearts of suffering people.

"We also observed that the ability of the heart to generate the energy it needs to produce a pumping action was very much reduced," Dawson said.

"Everyone knows someone who has had a heart attack, but I’ve never met anyone else who has been through this so it is nice to contribute to a study," said Michael Strachan, who was diagnosed with TSM. He expressed the hope that his participation might help scientists arrive at a better understanding of the condition in the future.

Researchers say they need to get a better understanding of the complaint’s exact causes first, before further studies can be carried out into possible treatments.

Laura Myllynen, Laura Pohjavirta, Alma manu, Alma media, Alma360, Grafinet, Veli-Matti Launio, Elisa Launio

    Monday, December 22, 2014


    People of goodwill never have to be afraid of the law!

    Romans 13ma360, Grafinet, Veli-Matti Launio, Elisa Launio

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    I have not died...yet :-)

    Hi friends, first I would like to wish everyone a happy and joyous holiday!

    Happy Hanukkah and Marry Christmas! <<< When ever this comes :-)

    I been away for a while spending lots of time in nature camping and getting in touch with what all the earth has to offer.

    Cold nights, wet nights and freezing nights. Getting in touch with the cave man part of me has always been important to me. In addition, we are with a group that is also doing this as psychotherapy for PTSD and other conflict related issues.

    So, the "Warriors" are out with mother earth getting back to our warrior self's. In addition we have some NON psychotherapy friends that simply join us as a challenge of toughening it out in the great out doors trekking.

    No news from the murderers of trust so far. But you can be sure those evils spirited and hateful people will run into KARMA soon enough in their own lives and they will think back on the time when they have betrayed trust. Evil mouths like evil hearts do not rest from gossip and backstabbing...

    I am sure many of you know what I mean :-(

    Envy, backstabbing, evil speak gossip are all sins that will come back at them like a boomerang.

    Now I gatta get back to my studies and take advantage of the changing season. The psychology of change is hard to take in. We fight change and hate change in our lives due to the fact that we hate for certain things to come to an end.

    Change means something must come to an end. And so when we actually come face to face with the inevitable change we have no control over, we must embrace it. Kicking or screaming or crying, but embrace it we must.


    Love Samson

    Saturday, December 6, 2014

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday to me :-)

    Thank you to everyone that is contributing to positivity in my life!!

    Sunday, November 9, 2014

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna

    I charge you with corruption for not conducting a proper investigation into a murder threat!

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. You have NOT done your job as a civil servant and conducted a proper investigation on the threat to commit murder!

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. You are guilty of running a kangaroo investigation!

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. You are guilty of failing the tax paying citizens of a botched investigation that shows your lack of professionalism, biased investigation and potential professionalism

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. You opinion on the murder threat is one of a 3rd world soviet era inelegance and one sided anti justice anti equal right.

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. You guilty of violating my human rights!

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. You have violated the rights of equal justice!

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. You are guilty of failing to do any investigation at all in direct violation of the laws you were committed to upholds and therefore violating the trust of the tax paying citizens.

    District court "prosecutor" Jaana Linna. I am contacting the EU courts of humans right to have you investigated in violating my rights for fair and proper investigation of a murder threat.

    No Justice, No peace

    Veli-Matti Launio

    copied from the internet, not a pic of my own

    Thursday, November 6, 2014

    No matter...

    No matter in life how honestly you want to live, how honorable you want to be. The wave of evil people will do what they must do to keep themselves looking good.

    There is justice in this world, but justice will come and no one I mean no one escapes it. If you are like me, a victim of living with a criminal who has done nothing but abuse your trust, the trust of your family and teamed up with low life immoral criminals, well, as we all know, ALL life forms will see the great judgement. This judgement was set from the beginning of time and all things will see it.

    You could be rich as a king, you could be poor a a street dog. But the rich king and the poor dog will have the same end, death.

    So, do not be sad, do not be stressed and overcome by these two, cus if there is one justice left in this life, it is that their evil betraying, murder plotting ways will have an end.

    Like the old saying is written " It can't rain all the time".

    And right now you may feel like the world is raining on you, but don't feel depressed, and don't feel overcome by lies oppression and doubt. Fight the good fight, cus one day in the twinkle of an eye, the same end comes for both the dog and the king, an then sames judgement.

    As a good friend of mine said last night... "The evil ways of the evil ones will be held in account, they will get their bill, with interest".

    As for me, I would rather get the bill now and make things right, versus getting the bill later with interest and having no chance to make anything right again.

    If your sad today, or feel alone because the destructive ways of others... Just remember, for YOU "It can't  rain all the time".

    Knowing this, makes life a little easier knowing that all things have an end, and for the bad and evil people, their beginning is just starting.

    It can't  rain all the time my dear ones.

    Dedicated to those that have hope in justice, your avenger (Gods judgement) is coming and will not sit silent... All in due time.

    From my favorite movie "The crow"

    Listen to the interview after Brandon Bruce Lee (February 1, 1965 – March 31, 1993) 

    Monday, November 3, 2014

    Not so fast

                                                 Copy from internet not my original

    Google maps

    Man that rides this motor bike has made threats to murder the husband.
    Belong to one Veli-Matti Launio of Tampere Alma Manu.

    Lic. FIN. 85HFV

    This animal planned to murder me and he did it right over the phone.



    Google tagged for (Finnish inhuman rights, human rights violation, corrupt, 3rd world systems, human rights abuse, court of human rights, aiding and embedding to murder, Tampere court human rights violation, Tampere prosecution human right violation, Veli-Matti launo, Laura Maria Myllynen murder plot, Veli-Matti Launio murder threat, laura Myllynen).

    And as long as no one is doing anything, I am a firm believer in defending myself. And this blog is my first layer of self defense exposure of crimes against me. So, If the courts and the system don't defend me, here I am. defending myself. And this blog is a witness to that defense.


    As far as police? RESPECT!

    They have to put up with idiots like Launio hiding behind the law. While the corrupt judges and lawyers and prosecutors just live off the tax payers and will not seek for justice but instead go after blind opinions, racism, and what ever criminal immoral unethical behavior these civil servants do.

    I feel sorry for the bothers in blue. All respect to the police.
    Laura Jaatinen ?, Laura Jaatinen hrjavalta ?, Thö Jaatiset ?, ThöJaatiset ?  

    Thursday, October 30, 2014

    Dear Lord... emails exposed

    Leaked emails of one betrayer of another in court records and emails. i found these on this blog here..

    Leaked emails

    launios friends are about to be exposed for the support of a criminal man. the betrayers of trust.

    Launio made public a few of his supporters who trusted him... As the saying goes, criminals can not be trusted... betrayers betray each other...

    Lesson in life! Do NOT support an adulterer! If he betrayed his wife, how will he betray you?

    I feel bad for the families of those that will now have to go through this also cus some idiot stuck their nose into this mess.. live and learn I guess.

    When you hang around shit, you will also stink :-) Don't say I did not warn you.

    Laura Jaatinen ?, Laura Jaatinen hrjavalta ?, Thö Jaatiset ?, ThöJaatiset ? 

    Wednesday, October 29, 2014

    What do I have left?

    This says it all :-) the freedom of being fearless is amazing.

    If you have something to lose and your hope is on that thing you are afraid someone will take from you one day.... Well, your far from free. You are a slave to the fear of losing it.

    When you lose it all and the only thing you have is your inner strength... Well, how can I say it?

    "Strong is the only choice you have" and fear vanishes.

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    Veli-Matti Launio in fear again

    Well here we go again... Veli-Matti Launio wants a restraining order against me :-)

    Veli matti Launio again wants to take me to court in a restraining order because too many people are seeing his face on twitter, aviorikos blog, facebook?, and some other social medias.. many people on the internet are posting this RATS face all over the place, yet he blames me...hahahaha

    There are literally tens of blogs out there with his face all over the place, none are mine by the way. but now he is sooo damn stressed he dosent know which way to go.
    So, he wants a restraining order against me.

    Here is my message to launio and his RATS nest supporters and traitors!!

    Launio read closely!!!

    When you cheat with another mans wife YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE TO HARM YOU DID!


    Important note >>>> "Rest of your life!"

    You would think a simple sorry would have ended it by now... But rats will be rats,,, and I gues you can call me "RAT BUSTER"!

    Laura Jaatinen ?, Laura Jaatinen hrjavalta ?, Thö Jaatiset ?, ThöJaatiset ? 

    Saturday, October 25, 2014


    Adler the psychologist saw a way to expose vain people...
    Vein people ask themselves in their heart in secret (later to be exposed externally)... "What can I get out of this".
    A vein person will do great works in the eyes of others, but deep inside they ask themselves "What can I get out of this". What mark can I leave behind, how will others see me? And lastly "whats in it for me?".
    This is course plays a big part into the final out come, the pursuit of the BIG win, the BIG prize. And that BIG win and BIG prize is?? You got it, how do I look in the eyes of others and my GREATNESS!
    Adler states that vein people will have a false sense of doing good, yet their main ambition is how they will look and who will praise them.
    Adlres work is a great tool to look and expose criminal tendencies and behaviors. Oh one does not have to be a criminal to be vein of course. But Adler states that vanity inwardly plays a big part of a persons motives of WHY they are doing this and what the are doing that.

    Sounds like what Yeshua and Shaul taught.
    Vanity plays a big part in self grandizement, how great I am mentality. You see, vanity plays a very little part in the grand genius, and in fact only detracts from the good work of any achievement.

    Thursday, October 23, 2014

    Good morning world!

    Good morning world! It is a great day today!!!

    May God bless you and keep you, and may god give you good people peace!

    As for those that are evil, betrayers of trust, envious, backstabbers, gossipers... Your day will come when the good Lord meets you face to face. 

    Did you really win?

    Veli matti launio is going around claiming that he and Laura won the court case about 4000€ plus each.

    Really? You won? Please don't forget to tell the people that you lost the case that you wanted to have your Murder planing face off my BLOG!! Judge said your picture shall NOT come off! hahahaha

    Veli Matti Launio... Did you really win?

    Veli Matti Launio, you honour is worth 4000€ ?

    Veli Matti Launio, take that 4000€ and enjoy your face posted world wide as a household name to expose animals like you..

    Veli Matti Launio, your honor is cheap!
    And your face is still up! What did you win Launio?

    Veli Matti Launio, animals like you will always hide behind the law, animals like you will always cry for someone to defend your Shitty honor...
    Rats like you never win...

    Veli Matti Launio even though you won 4000€ I still did NOT take don your ugly face, a matter of fact more blog supporters are putting more up.

    Veli Matti Launio! No matter how much money animals like you sue me for...
    MEN like me will keep on showing animals like you to the world.

    Veli Matti Launio, Your face is still up.

    The judge said your face will NOT be removed.
    Did you not take me to court to have your ugly animal face take off? did you win that in court? NO! They rejected your claim to have your ugly face taken down...

    Did I take it off? NO!

    I will expose murder planing animals like you till your are long DEAD and gone from the face of this planet. I will expose your shame till you repent.

    So Veli matti Launio, I my honor has no price tag! My honor is priceless!

    Your honor? in the MUD! Now live with your bad choices and the more crap that will come your way, deal with it like the worm you are!

    You should have simply said sorry to me, but you chose to laugh instead! So, laugh at this :-)

    Your face will never come down!

    Veli Matti Launio, take that 4000€ that your protectors gave you and hide under a rock where you belong! Like a worm, crawl under the biggest rock you can buy with your 4000€ :-) 

    I feel sorry for you Launio, you been used by a woman and now YOUR paying the price of a stupid stupid man.