Thursday, June 13, 2013

Homeless humanitarian museum dedication

                                                                Chillin with Paleface 

Me and "Paleface" got to meet for a chat,(nice guy by the way) with loads of other people from the humanitarian organizations. The theme of me and homelessness went hand and hand with this 3 month long dedication to the subject.

I had an awesome time, thanks to the deacon lady that I worked with setting up and afterwards lunch and coffee, we had a great night. thanks for the invite and thank for the new friends I got to meet.

I was invited to the dedication of a theme at a museum in context of homelessness. How Ironic. I was assisting in setting up the homeless scene theater stand and they had lots of artists and music bands playing. 

Afterwards I was invited to an art building/museum dedication where we had food and drinks. It was a awesome time.

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